Never forget!
Never again fascism!

Our Aims

Sharpen our awareness and attentiveness

for totalitarian and contemptuous germs in ourselves as well as in our society. We do believe in a living democracy and civil courage.

Be a reliable partner

for those wanting to get more information for a visit to the former Mauthausen contentration camp as well as for those seeking contact with residents and/or survivors of Mauthausen.

Dialogue with young people

to empower them to cope with history and fight fascist and racist tendencies a well as social exclusion today.

Cooperate with the Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ)

as well as local initiative groups, by helping them in their activities especially in implementing the plan of a Meeting Place for the European Youth.

Bridge historic divides in Mauthausen.

(Deutsch) im Ort überwinden.

The Name Mauthausen

In Austria, the very name of Mauthausen is beyond doubt a synonym for contempt of mankind as the main characteristic of Nazi terror. This Mauthausen has become a remembrance place of paramount importance. As activists of the initiative „A Perspective for Mauthausen“ we want, furthermore, to help make Mauthausen a place of reflection. The town should continue to remember its history and actively assume responsibility for it, today and tomorrow.

Organize cultural events

to help people in their understanding and processing of history.

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We are...

resist the beginning anti-Fascist group of Mauthausen activists fighting every form of human disrespect and contempt. We work as a nonpartisan group interested in history and culture. Our aim is to help change the town of Mauthausen into an open space for people, from here and from abroad, to meet and understand each other. The Mauthausen Committee Austria (MKÖ) is our key partner.

  • non-partisan
  • interested in culture and history
  • antifascist
  • against any form of human disrespect and contempt


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